Online MBA In Canada: Aston University

Online MBA In Canada: Aston University

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The Aston online MBA is a global program for ambitious, working Canadian professionals with several years of managerial experience who want the highly ranked and triple-accredited Aston University Business School experience. Aston University’s online MBA program has no GMAT requirement.

A high-quality, fully online, two-year UK MBA degree from a reputable university can boost your career in the increasingly competitive Canadian job market. Aston University is ranked 11th in the world top 100 universities for 2019 by QS, the global university rankings authority for careers and education.

The Aston MBA includes a personal and professional development program based on the latest thinking in behavioural science to give you the "Aston Edge".

The Aston Edge program delivered alongside the core curriculum will develop your skills portfolio to help you become a better performer, achieve your goals and equip you to deal with the big challenges that lie ahead in your future at the forefront of business.

BDK405: Aston Edge Futures

Critically reflect on current strengths and limitations as a potential leader of the future. Demonstrate a systematic understanding of the importance of personal motivation and ambition to succeed with others while demonstrating personal excellence. Design a comprehensive and evidence-based personal career management plan.

Measuring and Enhancing Financial Performance

The module aims to enable students to understand and interpret a range of financial statements and other financial information organizational stakeholders use to aid decision-making in relation to financial management and the allocation of capital.

Get your MBA Online While in Canada

  • Add a world-class UK university to your resume that has strong links to industry, government & commerce
  • Pay significantly lower tuition than many Canadian universities’ MBA programs
  • Ensure that your education crosses borders, as a modern business does
  • Build an international network of contacts from around the world with unique outlooks
  • No undergraduate degree required with seven years of proven business experience
BDK406: Aston Edge Reflections and Growth

Critically reflect on progress as a means of raising self-awareness and stimulating action as part of a continuous development process. Communicate effectively to a geographically diverse audience using digital media. Identify problems, challenges, and/or opportunities in their organisational or career context and design effective research-based approaches to investigate these and implement appropriate responses.

Designing and Managing Operations, Systems and Processes

The module aims to provide an understanding of the role of operations management and how it contributes to business competitiveness

How is Aston's Online MBA program different?

One of the major factors that set the Aston's Online MBA apart from other options available to Canadians is that you do not necessarily need a four-year bachelor’s degree to be accepted into our program. It also is a high-quality education that’s available to Canadians at a lower cost than many other traditional MBA programs.

Aston University's online MBA program provides a strong connection to business and industry. Each subject in the program is developed by academics with a wealth of international industry experience and connections, which means you will benefit from having timely and relevant course content that is applicable wherever you work around the world.

This gives you the opportunity to work on real-life projects, collaborate, problem solve and gain experience while you’re still enrolled.

The Aston Online MBA program will prepare you to manage organizations, and lead teams efficiently. You’ll learn what it takes to work in the global business world and gain an international perspective which helps you gain the confidence to lead in times of uncertainty. Learn how to create new business and career opportunities in a connected world. Additional topics include data-driven decision making and strategic thinking in business and entrepreneurship.

The Aston Edge program allows you to choose which areas of development you wish to focus on as you progress through your studies. The skills you will explore can bridge the gap between your education and your career. Learn to be an influential communicator, display confidence, and lead with credibility to create your own personal portfolio of your professional development.

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BDK407: Aston Edge Project

Undertake a comprehensive research project in relation to a specified organisational issue/challenge. Select and apply appropriate organizational, and managerial methods, theories, and frameworks in the completion of the research. Acquire and critically analyse appropriate data required to address the identified issue. Draw and present appropriate conclusions and recommendations in a form suitable to the context of the specific investigation.

Crafting Organizational Strategy

The module aims to enable students to analyze strategic issues facing a variety of different organizations using appropriate concepts, frameworks, and models to inform strategic decision-making and strategic management.

Creating and Delivering Customer Value

The module aims to develop the skills and competencies necessary to critically analyze organizational marketing options and contribute to strategic marketing decision-making.

Online MBA Course Curriculum

Aston University’s online MBA program in Canada allows you to choose a particular pathway from a number of options to tailor your degree to your professional needs. Pathways include:

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Finance

  • Global Business

  • Digital Transformation

The Global Economic Environment

This module introduces students to fundamental concepts in economics to help them develop an economic perspective on business decision-making in a wide range of contexts and applications.

Below is the list of courses you will learn during the Online MBA program:

Leading Complex Organisations

The module aims to introduce theoretical and real-world perspectives on leading modern complex organizations, including consideration of the complexity of behavior, processes, systems, and cultures.

Career Outcomes with an Online MBA in Canada

Aston University graduates get jobs because employers recognize an AACSB-accredited Aston MBA and know that graduates are prepared to make an immediate impact following completion of the online program in 18 months.

  • Aston has helped off-campus students for more than 20 years to achieve their personal and professional goals within Aston’s programs

  • Aston University is ranked 11th in the world top 100 universities for 2019 - QS Graduate Employability Rankings

  • Join a global alumni network of more than 90,000 - build connections with peers, instructors, and potential future employers

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