Online Masters in Business Analytics: Aston University

Online Masters in Business Analytics: Aston University

The Aston University online masters in business analytics will prepare you for analytics roles through practical business applications, relevant case studies and real-life business experience with today’s most in-demand technologies. The curriculum is designed to help you develop a clear understanding of the three types of data analytics – descriptive, predictive and prescriptive. Learn to: 

  • Evaluate and Assess: Use descriptive analytics to extract meaningful information from large amounts of data and visualize findings for ease of understanding
  • Predict and Project: Apply predictive analytics methods to anticipate patterns, estimate potential outcomes and model scenarios for a range of business needs
  • Prescribe Solutions: Guide business decision-making through prescriptive analytics that quantifies future outcomes with actionable data
  • Develop as a Professional: Build necessary skills in communication, presentation, consultation, and business dynamics while also establishing leadership behaviors

The business analytics degree is relevant to multiple industries including accounting and finance, human resources, business and administration, information technology, marketing, advertising, and sales.

Why Earn a Business Analytics Masters Online in Canada?

  • Add a world-class UK university to your resume that has strong links to industry, government & commerce
  • Ensure that your education crosses borders, as a modern business does
  • Pay significantly lower tuition than for many Canadian universities' online MSc in business analytics programs
  • No undergraduate degree required with seven years of proven business experience
  • Build an international network of contacts from around the world with unique outlooks
  • We are offering a limited £7,400 scholarship to international students for this programme

How is Aston's Online Master of Business Analytics different?

  • Join right away - You will need a bachelor's degree to be accepted into our program
  • Affordable program - Aston offers a high-quality education that's available to Canadians at a lower cost than many other traditional business programs
  • Powerful network - Aston University's online business analytics masters provides a strong connection to business and industry
  • Outstanding curriculum - The curriculum is developed by academics with a wealth of international industry experience and connections
  • Real-world experience - You will get the opportunity to work on real-life projects, collaborate, solve problems, and gain relevant industry experience
  • Be industry-ready - The program will prepare you to manage organizations, and lead teams efficiently. You will gain an international perspective and learn how to create new business and career opportunities in a connected world

Online Business Analytics Degree Admission Requirements

  • A good UK honors degree or an equivalent overseas degree recognized by Aston University
  • An undergraduate degree preferred to be in one of the following disciplines:
    • Mathematics
    • Statistics
    • Computer Science
    • Data Science
    • Engineering
    • Physics
    • Economics
    • Business
    • Accounting
    • A quantitative social science
  • If applicants don’t have any of the above degrees or quantitative modules, Aston may also consider applicants with relevant work experience or alternative quantitative qualifications.

Alternative entry routes may be considered:

  • Relevant recent work experience (minimum of one year in a relevant field) – CV required
  • Prior experience in programming languages such as R and Python

Aston Online Masters in Business Analytics Course Curriculum

Below is the list of courses you will study during the online Business Analytics degree:

Big Data for Decision Making

Examine large and varied data sets to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, customer preferences and other information for effective managerial business decision making. Learn to employ Big Data software packages, machine-learning algorithms, text analytics, and predictive modeling.

Data Mining and Web Analytics

Explore data mining techniques and how they can be used to reveal data patterns, regularities, and trends. Develop an understanding of the data available on the web and its value to business intelligence by applying data mining methods to solve real-world problems.

Business Analytics in Practice

Explore and learn how to apply predictive business analytics techniques, advanced statistical models, marketing models and financial analytics that drive a better-informed decision-making process.

Decision Models

Use modeling concepts to turn real-world problems into mathematical and spreadsheet models that can be used for scenario-testing and aid in rational decision-making across many business scenarios. Topics include linear programming, integer programming, decision trees, multi-objective decision making and more.

Descriptive Analytics

Learn about descriptive and inferential statistical methods for extracting and presenting meaningful information from data and develop the most effective visualization techniques (e.g. dashboards and infographics) for displaying and summarizing information.

Effective Management Consultancy

Understand different approaches to best-practice consulting including Hard and Soft Systems methodology and how to complete successful consulting projects – either as an external investigator or line manager. Understand how to structure problems and explore the realities and characteristics of today’s consulting industry.

Performance Analytics

Use analytical methods such as Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) and advanced econometrics models such as Stochastic Frontier Analysis to derive benchmarks, targets, and measures of efficiency and productivity in complex multi-output/multi-input environments. Develop the use of specialized software to carry out comparative efficiency assessment.

Software for Analytics

Learn the basic skills and tools needed to develop software solutions to analyze Big Data. Grow as a data analytics expert through hands-on work with established programming languages such as R and Python.

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