Can I apply to the online MBA without a bachelor’s degree?

Yes, however seven years of relevant work experience is necessary to qualify for admission.

Will I have to attend any classes on campus?

No, you will not have to attend any classes on campus, since Aston University’s online MBA program is conducted 100% online.

What are the application requirements for the online MBA at Aston University?

General requirements to apply for the online MBA in Canada include an honours degree, however if you have seven years of progressive solid business work experience, you may apply. You must include a completed application form, two references (one academic), and official university transcripts. If your primary language is other than English, there may be additional requirements. To find out more about the application process, please contact a Canadian Enrolment Advisor.

Are there instructions available on how to apply to Aston’s online MBA program in Canada?

You can find general instructions at our Contact Us page, or by calling one of our Canadian Enrolment Advisors at 1-888-228-5608 who will discuss your individual situation with you and explain the process that applies to you. Make sure to have information about your previous degrees earned, your transcripts and relevant business experience on hand.

Do I have to pay a fee to apply to Aston University’s online MBA program in Canada?

No, there is no application fee associated with the online MBA program. For information on fees, please see the Contact Us page.

Is there any available funding for Canadians who take the online MBA program?

The Government of Canada’s Student Financial Assistance page provides funding information for post-secondary education. This page also provides information on provincial education loans and grants.