12 Time Management Apps Every MBA Student Must Have

12 Time Management Apps Every MBA Student Must Have

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MBA students face time constraints due to classes, homework, internships, and work. Advancements in time management technology allow MBA students to maximize the hours in their schedule. The 12 apps featured below offer different approaches to saving time and mental bandwidth.


MBA students need tools to help them organize their days and track their thoughts. 2Do is a list app available on iOS, Mac, and Android that creates checklists for upcoming tasks. A 2Do user can quickly enter homework assignments, chores, and meetings into simple to-do lists. Each entry can be tagged into activity categories that are sortable and searchable. 2Do also allows lists to be placed into list groups to separate work, school, and outside tasks. The tags and list groups allow users to edit similar tasks in a few taps.

2Do allows users to synchronize their check lists to data in Dropbox, CalDAV, and Toodledo. The app provides sound and text notifications for time-sensitive tasks. Users can also activate alerts based on proximity to meeting rooms, businesses, and other locations tied to listed tasks. 2Do also automatically backs up tasks and lists without opt-in to preserve valuable information in case of phone failures.


Another time management app that is ideal for MBA students is Any.do. This free app offers a simple interface for day-to-day tasks that can be tagged and labeled with colors for review. Any.do features quick-start reminders for typical intervals, a Someday reminder for more nebulous goals, and customized reminders. Users can also invite others to access to-do lists, which is particularly useful for students working on projects. This organizational tool is available on all major platforms, home assistant devices, browsers and syncs across all of a user’s devices to simplify access.

Any.do features premium products to enhance the app user experience. The premium version of the app is available from $2.99 per month and features unlimited storage, expanded customization features, and unlimited collaboration. Any.do is also entering the personal assistant market with its automated assistant feature. Participants pay a small fee to access an automated assistant who can handle travel arrangements, ridesharing requests, and gift purchases. This feature is accessible around the clock and draws on data from past app uses to provide exemplary service.


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For an online course, MBA students need tools that help them collaborate across the globe. Asana is a project management tool that allows users to manage tasks with lists and visualizations. Users can create project teams with distinct task lists and goals, thus keeping students who aren’t involved in projects from being distracted by frequent notifications. Asana uses a low, medium, and high priority tagging system along with notifications to keep participants on track.

MBA students working on multiple team projects might feel overwhelmed by tracking progress. Asana solves this problem by presenting progress updates for each project in a single dashboard. Users can also create project timelines that show who is assigned to a task, deadlines, and progress. The Asana platform is accessible on a free trial with plans for premium, business, and enterprise customers.


An MBA student needs to arrange meetings with professors, plan job interviews, and schedule project meetings with other students. These varying threads can be tough to manage especially if the parties involved are using different scheduling methods. You might use your GCal for all of your meetings but work with a professor who maintains a paper calendar and students who rely on their memories. Doodle provides a solution to this scheduling trap by aligning calendars between participating parties.

Doodle is a scheduling system that functions in three steps. A Doodle user sending an invite to a meeting participant can set open times for the meeting. The participant then selects an available time and a confirmation is sent to both parties. Doodle then places the meeting on the preferred calendars for all participants.

Users can try out Doodle on a free trial before committing to a premium membership. The premium membership allows a user to use a customized logo, request contact information from participants, and send invites without ads. Doodle is used by companies like Amazon, Apple, and Google, demonstrating its ubiquity among major players in the business world.


MBA students are confronted by new information and data on a daily basis. This wave of information can be difficult to track even for those with great memories. Evernote is a productivity tool that bills itself as “a single place for your notes, ideas, lists and reminders.” This app features a free notes version, a premium organizational tool, and a business version with collaborative features. Evernote is used by organizations like Business.com, Forbes, and The Verge.

Evernote provides an abundance of organizational features that help MBA students and business professionals simplify their days. The Webclipper component allows the user to cut and paste sections of web pages and PDFs rather than keeping whole links. The free version of the app allows for PDF and document attachments to notes, while the premium version allows for text searches of these documents. Users can also scan documents and business cards to store in the app for paperless access. The Evernote Business plan includes Spaces, a collaborative platform for project teams. Evernote also offers integrations with Google Drive, Outlook, Salesforce, and Slack.

iStudiez Pro

The time management tools mentioned thus far are designed for the business world with features helpful to MBA students. iStudiez Pro is a time management app designed specifically for college and graduate students. This app available on iOS, Windows, and Android offers a scheduling interface specific to the university experience. Students can enter course name and number, location or virtual meeting room, time, and instructors to develop their course calendars. iStudiez Pro also encourages students to track course progress with assignment checklists with spaces for requirements and grades.


Students and business people alike can lose track of news articles, videos, and other online links that pertain to their work. The bookmark feature in browsers and apps may seem like the natural solution but can be difficult to organize. It is also important to place a video or article into context so that the user can figure out why the saved information was important enough to preserve. Pocket is an app that solves this problem with an easy-to-use interface.

Pocket users create content spaces that include links to articles, videos, and other links. These spaces are similar to Pinterest boards with thumbnails and summaries of each saved link. Pocket spaces are available online and offline across mobile devices, computers, and other connected devices. A premium version of the app is available from $44.99 per year with an ad-free interface, a permanent library of saved links, and topic searches.

Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk is a to-do app that offers an easy method for keeping track of checklist items. The Smart Add feature is a single text bar where a user can enter an activity’s deadline, priority, title, and tags. This single line of text is thus entered into the overall checklist without filling in multiple spaces. Remember the Milk also allows the user to create color-coded tags for different task categories, making important tasks stand out from the mundane.

Students and professionals can also take advantage of advanced features of the Remember the Milk app with a premium account. The app’s search wizard facilitates guided searches for tasks based on keywords, due dates, list names, and assignees. Users can share specific tasks and lists with other users. The app also allows reminders to be sent via email, Google Hangout, Skype, and Twitter. Remember the Milk offers integrations to tools like Alexa, Apple Watch, Siri, and Twitter.


MBA students are not immune to finding time-wasting opportunities when working on projects and homework. The lure of a YouTube video, a video game, or chatting with friends can be stronger than school work, especially during periods of stress. Excess time can also be spent reading emails, blowing past meeting times, and working on projects. RescueTime is an app that attempts to limit time spent on particular sites and keep focus on work.

Students can set alerts in the RescueTime app to indicate when specific time intervals are spent on a site or doing an activity. Premium RescueTime users can block certain sites or apps during periods where they need greater focus. At the end of the day, a user can review the amount of time spent on activities like email, virtual meetings, entertainment, and project work. This end-of-day report can act as a motivational tool by showing accomplishments. RescueTime works in the background and time tracking can be disabled at the user’s discretion.


Todoist is a time management app that allows users to easily organize and evaluate their work. The app gets users started with the Quick Add feature, a simple entry tool that adds a task to the checklist. Todoist users can create repeating events, develop tasks for upcoming projects, and share tasks with other users. An important element of the Todoist platform is progress tracking presented as Karma points. A Karma visualization shows the levels of achievement each day. Todoist is also equipped to integrate with Alexa, Dropbox, Zapier, and other tools.

The free version of the app allows users to organize their lives with comprehensive tools. The Todoist premium version available from $4 per month increases customization and adds new features. Premium users can create checklist templates, labels, and list themes to personalize their interfaces. The premium version of Todoist sets automatic reminders for entered tasks and automatically creates data backups.


Toggl is a business productivity tool that combines project management, reporting, and time-tracking features. This tool is available as a browser plug-in as well as an app to keep users connected to important resources. The free version of Toggl is ideal for MBA students who need to stay on track with their various projects. Toggl’s free version includes time-tracking for each project, idle detection, and timeline creation. The free version also features team dashboard customization, project archiving, and integration with tools like Freshbooks and Github.

Students working on multiple projects should research the starter and premium versions of Toggl. The starter version of the app includes everything in the free version plus features like unlimited team sizes, company logos, and billable rate adjustments. The premium version of Toggl builds on the starter version with high-end features like scheduled email reports, time audits, and team member time management. The starter and premium versions feature integrations with iCal feeds.


Trello is a well-known project management app that is available for free. The app eschews more complicated interface design for a simple but effective interface that places tasks front and center. Each to-do list consists of activity cards with comments, attachments, and deadlines that are easy to read on any device.

The free version of Trello allows unlimited personal project boards and lists, unlimited team boards, and attachments up to 10 MB per file. Trello’s business version is available from $9.99 per month with attachments up to 250 MB per file and features like priority support, data exports, and advanced administrative control.

The free version of Trello allows one integration per board, while business subscribers can use unlimited integrations. Trello offers integrations with Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack, and other tools. This app is used by major companies including Adobe, Kickstarter, and National Geographic.

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