Who is an Online MBA Program Intended For?

Who is an Online MBA Program Intended For?

The face of education in Canada has changed over the last thirty years, with roughly 30% of Canadians aged 25 to 64 holding a university degree.[i] As undergraduate degrees have become more common, employers now often require more advanced credentials. According to Cindy Schwartz, a recruitment supervisor at Quantum Management Services, “MBAs have replaced the value that bachelor’s degrees used to hold.”[ii] Just as with bachelor’s degrees in the past, however, education is only part of the matrix of qualities that makes for a successful candidate. Professional experience carries serious weight with recruiters, and increasingly students are turning to accredited online MBA programs that allow them to pursue their studies while continuing to make their mark in the working world.

Today’s blog post will profile the type of student a Canadian online MBA is intended for, and what benefits students can expect to acquire from distance programs.

Mid-Career Professionals

In many disciplines, it’s often customary to go directly from undergraduate to graduate studies. In the business world, however, there is a body of knowledge between these stages which can only be acquired through hands-on work. In some cases, on-the-job experience can supersede undergraduate learning entirely. Having an understanding of the real-life applications of concepts in finance, marketing, personnel management and more means an MBA student is able to readily associate advanced concepts with their functions in the workplace.

This synergy is doubly powerful when a student is working and studying simultaneously. Rather than waiting until the completion of a degree to bring its lessons to bear, working online MBA students get better at their jobs on a day to day basis. This puts them in a position to seek promotion or apply to other companies with a unique track record of both academic and professional successes.

Diverse Backgrounds

While MBAs are delivered by universities, they are cut from a different cloth than traditional academic disciplines such as the humanities. They are explicitly career-oriented, and thus may make use of different evaluative tools to select candidates. Aston University’s business school does not require an undergraduate degree provided certain work experience milestones have been met, and is a no GMAT MBA.

Whether a student comes from a highly-educated family or is the first of their line to pursue a degree, an online MBA program now defers to the goals of the individual. Innovation drives business and a more diverse student body that is able to take advantage of the significantly lower fees associated with distance MBA programs help to spark new ways of thinking.

International Ambitions

Canada has numerous highly-regarded business schools, but an international degree demonstrates that its bearer is looking beyond the narrow borders of their own country. Online MBAs allow students with ambitions of doing business on a worldwide scale to attend schools located anywhere in the world. A Canadian holding an MBA from a UK-based institution signals to potential employers that their education has been flavored by foreign perspectives.

Are You a Good Fit For an Aston University MBA?

Aston University has a longstanding track record of success. Its business school was recently ranked among the top 140 business schools in the world by the QS Top MBA Rankings, with 83% of graduates finding employment within three months of completing their studies, and an average salary of $85,000 USD.[iii]

The program is intended for ambitious, driven professionals whose long-term successes will continue to add to the school’s well-established reputation for training employable, innovative business leaders. Reach out to Aston’s enrolment office today to learn more about the program’s curriculum, fees and the opportunities associated with joining the school’s 90,000-strong network of alumni.

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