What Are the Advantages of a Distance MBA Versus Studying on Campus?

What Are the Advantages of a Distance MBA Versus Studying on Campus?

What Are the Advantages of a Distance MBA Versus Studying on Campus? [blog title]

Success in business is largely a product of the intelligence, vision and ambition of the individual—but there are plenty of x-factors that can ease your path to the top, or make the climb that much steeper. Choosing the right school to pursue your MBA is one of these critical factors. What will you learn? From whom? And what valuable connections can you make along the way. Many of the world’s top schools now offer online MBA degrees for Canadian students, but there remains a real allure to living the full on-campus experience. Today we’d like to explore some of the big advantages a distance MBA program offers students.

Earn a Prestigious International Degree from Home

Traditionally, students who lack significant financial resources or scholarship eligibility have been limited in their ability to study outside of their own region or country. International students do not typically enjoy the same government educational subsidies as local citizens, and the costs associated with moving may preclude pursuing a degree in a foreign country.

Fortunately, Canadians choosing a distance MBA now have the ability to select the best school for their career aspirations, regardless of its location. The UK’s Aston University has been consistently ranked in the world’s top 100 schools for graduate employability. Its online MBA is a respected credential around the globe, and signifies that its bearer has received a comprehensive business education from experts and innovators in the field.

Improve Your Return on Investment

An MBA from a top Canadian business school can cost between $80,000 and $100,000, putting it far out of reach of most students. By comparison, an Aston Online MBA costs a relatively slim £17,900 over two years, or roughly $31,400 CAD at the current rate of exchange. Not only that, but Aston does not always require an undergraduate degree for entry into the program, provided certain professional benchmarks have been met.

An MBA has been shown to improve earnings by over 136%, with applicants to MBA programs averaging about $55,000/year while graduates eventually command $136,000/year according to a recent major Canadian study by The Financial Post.[i]

Continue Building Your Resume While Studying

There is another significant financial advantage to choosing an online MBA program: many students are able to continue to pursue full- or part-time work. Most enrollees in such programs already have a significant professional resume and are looking for a credential which will better position them to reach a management position or strike out as an entrepreneur. Taking two years off to study is often neither a professional nor a budgetary option. It is much easier to fit in the 15 to 20 hours a week the degree typically demands when you not required to visit campus in person for lectures and research, and are able to consume materials and work when your schedule permits.

Set Your Own Pace

Are you at your sharpest in the early morning, or at night after your family has been tucked into bed? In a traditional campus environment, you are bound to a rigid schedule dictated by the school that may not suit your temperament, familial obligations or social life. Moreover, you may not be in a position to take on a full-time academic schedule. An online MBA allows you to take courses when you have the bandwidth to give them your full attention.

Network Internationally

Finally, any business school graduate would agree that one of the biggest benefits of attending an MBA program is the opportunity to network with instructors, faculty and fellow students. In today’s business world, the benefits of expanding those personal networks beyond your own city or country are immense. Studying at Aston allows you to join a global alumni network of over 90,000, as well as to meet other mid-career professionals who share your goals or aspirations. Many meaningful partnerships begin in our classrooms, even if it’s years before said partners ever find themselves in the same country.

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