corporate director training her team

Top Jobs for Professionals in Global Business Management

There are numerous careers for professionals with a business management degree to explore. Each role requires distinct skills, from financial trading and international marketing to data analysis and business operations.


MBAs make better CEOs

Do MBAs make better CEOs?

Business executives and managers reach their positions in the corporate world from differing backgrounds.

Value of an Online MBA

The True Value of an Online MBA

As you research your next educational steps, it is important to keep in mind the return on investment for any degree.

Top advice for women entrepreneurs

Top Advice for Women Entrepreneurs from Sheryl Sandberg

In Silicon Valley, in 2014, only 11% of executive positions were held by women. In 2016, ten large technology companies did not employ a single black woman [while] six did not have a single female executive. It's clear that Silicon Valley has a diversity issue and that more companies need to be aware of this, report on it, and build more diverse teams from the ground up, but how do women excel in a male-dominated culture that seems to be working against them?
Key Aspects of an Effective Change Agent

7 Key Aspects of an Effective Change Agent

Companies throughout the world look to change agents to improve sales, boost team morale, or develop new technology.

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What MBA should you take?

Students considering an online MBA program in Canada

getting finance for business

How to Get Financing For a Business

When starting your own company, one of the first concerns revolves around the myriad ways of financing a business.