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Top Jobs for Professionals in Global Business Management

There are numerous careers for professionals with a business management degree to explore. Each role requires distinct skills, from financial trading and international marketing to data analysis and business operations.


Dr. John Blakey, DBA

Aston DBA Turns CEO Coach Into World-Renowned Expert in Trust Leadership

A thought leader and CEO coach, no one recognises the value of an education like Dr John Blakey, known for his best-selling book, The Trusted Executive. Dr Blakey is highly sought after as a keynote speaker and best-selling author on the topic of trust in leadership. He earned a DBA from Aston University, a triple-accredited, elite school and describes how the programme changed his life.
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Why You Should Study Business Analytics

With Aston University’s online MSc Business Analytics program you will be enabled with these in-demand, data-driven analytical techniques and skillsets preparing you for multiple types of business analyst specialty roles, which are growing quickly. Learn more here!
Online MBA Specializations

Top 5 Online MBA Specializations

As a prospective online MBA student, it is important to add value to your degree by developing knowledge in a concentrated focus area.
MSc in Business Analytics

What can I do with an MSc in Business Analytics?

Pursuing an MSc in Business Analytics with Aston University Online means having the opportunity to hone your skills with managing and analyzing data across various aspects of the business world.
Online MBA career opportunities

Top 5 MBA Career Opportunities for New Graduates

An online MBA from an accredited school, like Aston University, can open several exciting career paths.
MBA books to read

20 Business and Leadership Books Every MBA Graduate Should Read

The MBA reading list is an ever-growing one as it should be since the value of learning is never over.