business and data analysts working

Data Analyst vs. Business Analyst: Which role is right for you

We live in an "Age of Analytics", marked by increased investment in intelligent and intuitive technologies, automation, Big Data, and the rapid skilling of professionals with the analytical skills needed to visualize and interpret large data sets.


MSc in Business Analytics

What can I do with an MSc in Business Analytics?

Pursuing an MSc in Business Analytics with Aston University Online means having the opportunity to hone your skills with managing and analyzing data across various aspects of the business world.
Online MBA career opportunities

Top 5 MBA Career Opportunities for New Graduates

An online MBA from an accredited school, like Aston University, can open several exciting career paths.
MBA books to read

20 Business and Leadership Books Every MBA Graduate Should Read

The MBA reading list is an ever-growing one as it should be since the value of learning is never over.

MBAs make better CEOs

Do MBAs make better CEOs?

Business executives and managers reach their positions in the corporate world from differing backgrounds.

Value of an Online MBA

The True Value of an Online MBA

As you research your next educational steps, it is important to keep in mind the return on investment for any degree.

Top advice for women entrepreneurs

Top Advice for Women Entrepreneurs from Sheryl Sandberg

In Silicon Valley, in 2014, only 11% of executive positions were held by women. In 2016, ten large technology companies did not employ a single black woman [while] six did not have a single female executive. It's clear that Silicon Valley has a diversity issue and that more companies need to be aware of this, report on it, and build more diverse teams from the ground up, but how do women excel in a male-dominated culture that seems to be working against them?