How An MBA Helps Professionals Lead The Future Of Work

How An MBA Helps Professionals Lead The Future Of Work

How An MBA Helps Professionals Lead The Future Of Work

New technologies and an ever-changing labour force are redefining the future of work. With the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and automation, more workers will lose jobs to machines, and skilled workers will gain a competitive advantage. Studies show that professionals with no postsecondary education could account for more than three-quarters of automation-related displacements. These professionals are four times as likely to occupy a highly automatable role than individuals with a bachelor’s degree or higher.

MBA graduates with in-demand skills for tomorrow’s job market will lead the future of work. With the acceleration of digital communication and transportation technologies, the world is hyper-connected and moving toward globalization; an accredited international MBA program allows professionals to work across borders with a global business perspective. MBA careers in areas like global business, finance, and entrepreneurship offer attractive job opportunities for today’s professionals. 

The future of MBA careers is changing, but graduates can enter the modern workforce with credibility, influential leadership skills, a relevant professional portfolio, and earned confidence. Discover how an online MBA can help your career and prepare you for the future of work.

What will the future of work look like?

In 2022, the majority of the workforce continues to work remotely or within a hybrid model. According to recent reports, four in ten Canadians admit to feeling bored for more than half of their working day and 39% of Canadian professionals find themselves uninterested and detached at work. As a result, the future of work needs passionate and skilled leaders who can re-engage teams and attract and retain talent.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) reports that digitalization, globalization, and the waves of the pandemic are radically changing the future of work. OECD states that many professionals choose to return to school to keep their skills relevant in a changing world. In the future of work, seniority is not enough; upskilling and reskilling have become the new normal. 

Additionally, tomorrow’s leaders will be increasingly accustomed to making data-driven business decisions and leading digital-first work environments. Investments in digital transformation will reach $2.8 trillion by 2025 and organizations need business leaders who understand the latest technologies and data-driven methodologies.

The combination of these pressing events will spur new ways of working and leading. MBA careers can help professionals enter the future of work with relevant skills designed for the hyper-connected, digitized world.

How does an MBA help your career?

How does an MBA help your career?

An Online MBA is an advanced business degree for working professionals with several years of managerial experience. At its core, an MBA curriculum focuses on advanced managerial skills that will help enhance decision-making, analysis, and strategic thinking. Therefore, professionals with several years of managerial experience are perfect candidates for the program.

So, how does an MBA help your career? An accredited MBA helps professionals land lucrative career opportunities, earn higher salaries, and feel confident and secure in their roles by teaching them how to: 

  • Lead with credibility
  • Be an influential communicator and negotiator
  • Effectively build and manage your networks
  • Manage change productively
  • Be effective interculturally
  • Show interpersonal awareness
  • Display confidence in yourself and your contribution

MBA Careers for the Future of Work

Professionals with an MBA degree can break into various industries, from financial services and banking to healthcare and life sciences. Additionally, economic changes are increasing the quantity and quality of job options for MBA graduates. A few of the top roles for MBA graduates include:

  • Business operations manager
  • Financial manager
  • Human resources manager
  • Information technology, or IT, manager
  • Management consultant
  • Marketing manager
  • Medical and health services manager

Job Outlook for MBA Degree

Workforce experts are saying that job prospects for business school alumni are much better now than in the spring of 2020. Low unemployment rates give MBA degree recipients negotiating power to earn jobs, promotions, and career opportunities. 

The CEO of the hiring platform, Evan Sohn says "Everyone today is more valuable than they were two years ago because there's someone who is willing to pay them more money than they were making before.” The Government of Canada’s Job Bank reports the following job openings between 2019 and 2028 in the top MBA careers:

MBA Career Salary

MBA graduates who finished their degrees in 2021 earned six-figure salaries, according to the Graduate Management Admission Council's corporate recruiters survey. The same report found that the median starting salary for MBA hires in 2021 was $115,000. However, MBA salaries vary based on the industry, location, and level of experience. According to Job Bank, the median salaries for the top seven MBA careers include:

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